Monday, March 31, 2008

Black Wallstreet

Black Wallstreet was the most affluent African American community and business district in United States History. At the turn of the last century, Tulsa’s black community was thriving with highly successful businesses. Approximately ten black millionaires lived there. Six had private airplanes in 1921. There were affluent black doctors, lawyers, educators, entrepreneurs and oilmen. Over 600 booming businesses literally flourished during this very troubling period in American history. Then “America’s Most Affluent Black Community Was Bombed From The Air in 1921! Why?”

After 14 years of research and investigation and the incredible success of their first book, “Black Wallstreet” A Lost Dream,” Black Wallstreet Author Jay Jay Wilson and Ron Wallace uncovered one of the most Cynical Masterplans against African Americans since slavery” The systematic destruction and halting of “The Most Prolific Black Economic Movement” in American History.

THE INTENTIONAL AND SYSTEMATIC DESTRUCTION OF THE PROTOTYPE! “When you destroy the root, the model or the prototype, it has long-lasting effects.” Author/Researcher, Jay Jay Wilson”

After slavery, hundreds of thousands of Black and Native Americans were forced by the American Government to migrate into the Mid West, which was called Indian Territory. They began setting up small, independent little townships throughout the area. Once they began settling the land, the Government began Phase II of their Masterplan. They then named it “The Oklahoma Territory,” which paved the way to bring in white settlers from all over the south to migrate there; most importantly - bringing with them southern culture and their hatred for blacks with them. The “Great Land Rush” of the late 1800”s was Phase III of their very complex Masterplan. The Government then opened up the land; giving all the land that one could settle - to anyone!

During the late 1800”s oil was discovered in Oklahoma, soon after declaring it “The Oil Capital of the World.” Ironically, the very same land that the government forced Black and Native Americans to migrate to ended up being the most oil-rich land in the country and made millionaires and very wealthy landowners out of those very same Black and Native Americans!

The Government now had to do something about this dilemma. So, in 1907 Oklahoma became a “State of the Union” and laid the groundwork for them to take total control over the entire territory. Blacks were forced into North Tulsa, and Native Americans were forced out of the area and onto reservations.

Blacks built a small northern section of Tulsa into the most prolific Black Community and Business Model in the history of America. In a mere 36-square block area of Tulsa, there were black doctors, lawyers, oilmen, entrepreneurs and over 600 booming businesses. There were restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, a bank, schools, churches, general stores, beauty salons and numerous highly successful businesses.

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