Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wild Asia: Monsoon India God of Life

Monsoon - India's god of life is a fascinating chronicle of how the wild animals of India cope with the hardship of summer and how the arrival of the monsoon transforms their lives and the land they live in. The monsoon is a great benefactor that replenishes water and rejuvenates the land. But sometimes it can also overwhelm with its abundance, unleashing floods that cause death and destruction. In India's far north east, the rare great Indian rhinoceros lives on a flood plain that swings between the extremes of too little water ... and too much. Lying to the south of the great Brahmaputra river, the rhino's home is literally reshaped by the force of every monsoon. As the summer advances, and the waterholes shrink, the normally solitary rhinos are forced together into tiny wallows to escape the heat. The days drag on with little respite and tempers flare as the great beasts jostle for space. When the summer monsoon finally arrives after weeks of anticipation, it makes its first landfall not in the north east, but at the tip of southern India

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