Friday, April 16, 2010

Discovery Channel - Between Earth and Sky : The Last Of The Bedouins

In the most secret corners of the planet a few rare nomadic or sedentary people still live in perfect harmony with the nature that surrounds them. These are the last survivors of the great civilizations of the desert, savannah, bush, deepest forests or mountain tops. With their ancestral knowledge and secular traditions, some have succeeded in perpetuating through to our times, a unique way of life, in complete equilibrium with their environment. On board a hot air balloon, Sebastian Lafont, a young balloonist explorer, takes us to remote destinations that are still preserved from the modern world. Between earth and sky, he leads us to forgotten kingdoms, to meet the world's last tribes. More than just a visit to these people, this adventure is intent on meetings and exchanges. They welcome Sebastian and show him their secrets, whilst he shares his basket with them, to show them their world from the sky. In Jordan, Sebastien Lafont meets the last Bedouins of Petra.

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