Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Britain's Really Disgusting Foods

Anarchist Alex Riley takes a tasteless romp through the dark side of the food industry in search of the most disgusting thing he's ever eaten, but finds it is not as straightforward as it seems. He discovers that manufacturers have ingenious ways of transforming horrible ingredients into something that looks and tastes like good food, while unearthing such hidden gems as substitute cheese and beef connective tissue. To find out how much they can get away with, Alex creates and markets his own monster food.

Episode 1/3: Meat
Alex Riley, the BBC's connoisseur of rubbish food, is back on the search for more disgusting fare, and sets out to unearth the horrors that could be in his meaty snacks.
Episode 2/3: Dairy
Alex Riley discovers cheap nasty dairy substitutes and that even milk, the purest dairy product, has its unpalatable side. Contains some strong language.
Episode 3/3: Fish
Alex Riley sets out to find the ultimate nasty fish dish and, amid the cheap, codless fish fingers and fake prawns, unearths a fishy world of waste.

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