Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the moon

This is an amazing documentary. It strips all the moon landing footage and shows exactly how it was faked. It even has never before seen footage of the astronauts setting up the ship with a cardboard cut out to make it look further away from earth than it was.

The weirdest bit is from a clip that was never used as part of the official moon landing. Houston are calling the astronauts, but get no reply becuase they are speaking to someone else on the radio. You hear houston call them again and this mysterious voice on the radio says “talk” and the astronauts reply to houston. Is this further evidance of a higher organisation? It would have been easier to fake if only the astronauts and a select few knew about it. NASA may well have believed it to be true and had no idea that the whole thing was staged.


Anonymous said...

This sort of doco sluts me off because people are so stupid. It is well known that there are reflective prism planted on the moon which astronomers use with laser range finders. How did they get there if the landings were faked? The Myth Busters team covered all this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoolander, Couls you please help with the password for this RAR Files? The site where I am supposed to get the password ( it doesnt really give any.

Please help

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

No PW needed

Anonymous said...

Yup password needed and the proxyservers site has expired that would give it to you

Anonymous said...

Rar password: baboon201

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