Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Discovery Channel: Stress Test-EXPLODE

Explosions, in a second, maim, destroy and kill. Scientists test explosives to see how they work and to figure out how to contain them. They urgently seek new ways to protect people & to save innocent lives. First, you have to understand what an explosion does. To begin with, it's a chemical reaction, and that sets off a violent release of energy, a blast. The blast produces a shock wave that hurtles outwards. It's this shock wave and flying debris that do dreadful damage to people. In the 1980's and '90's, Americans became targets for terrorist bombs. It began in 1983 in Beirut. First, the U.S. Embassy was flattened by a bomb, killing 63. Next, a truck laden with explosives killed 241 US soldiers. Then the menace attacked Americans at home: The Atlanta Olympics, the World Trade Center, Oklahoma City. Events and places with no obvious connection, but now, all are linked by bombs, violence, and terror.

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