Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BBC - Hidden Treasure

BBC - Hidden Treasure

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Miranda Krestovnikoff explores few of the best treasures UK metal-detectorists have found in recent years .

Lost Goddess

The Near-Baldock Hoard - Some hoards include a variety of precious objects arranged in a deliberate way: they form a ’structured deposit’. The Near-Baldock Hoard - found by metal-detectorist Alan Meek in a field in North Hertfordshire - is such a site, and comprised, from top to bottom: a 15cm silver figurine of a woman (badly corroded); two silver arms from a female figure, and a collection of gold jewellery (a pair of disc brooches, a pair of discs linked by a chain, and a gold clasp set with a red carnelian gemstone, engraved with a standing lion resting its paw on a bull’s head or ox skull); seven gold votive plaques; and 12 silver-alloy votive plaques, which were brittle and fragmentary.





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