Thursday, July 31, 2008

When We Left Earth - The NASA Missions, 3 Parts (complete)

Prepare for lift-off with this landmark six-part series celebrating mankind's greatest missions!

Commemorate NASA's 50th anniversary with this stunning high-definition series chronicling the inside story of the space agency's epic endeavors. From John Glenn's Mercury mission to orbit the earth, to Neil Armstrong's first historic steps on the moon, to the unprecedented spacewalks required to repair the Hubble telescope, these epic stories are shown in stunning clarity and told by the astronauts and engineers who were there.

The missions, the people, and the triumphs of space exploration are revealed through exclusive interviews with celebrated astronauts including John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin and Charlie Duke, and newly-digitized, original mission footage from NASA's secret film vaults.




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Deniz said...

Second and third part archieves are empty i guess?

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