Sunday, April 27, 2008

Triumph of the Nerds

Cringley relates to us how he was one of the early employees of Apple Computers in the days in which it operated out of a garage. Now a self-proclaimed gossip columnist for the computer world Mr. Cringley guides us through the important steps and missteps that made personal computing the industry it is today.
Interviewed are computer giants such as Bill Gates, Steven Jobs and Larry Ellison just to name a few. They along with others relate their stories and the excitement they shared as they built from scratch the phenomenon, which is now the personal computer. Their presence not only adds to the credibility of the story but also cements Mr. Cringley’s thesis argument that the computer industry was created because of “a group of nerds trying to impress their friends”.

Volume 1 - Impressing Their Friends

Volume 2 - Riding the Bear

Volume 3 - The Artists Steal

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